The car that was buried for 50 years: How it looks now

Tulsa in Oklahoma celebrated 50 years of statehood in 1927. The city would usually celebrate the occasion with an annual festival, “Tulsarama”. Officials decided to bury the item in a time capsule outside the city’s courthouse. It was a brand-new 1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe in desert gold with sand dunes! It was exactly 50 years after the car had been dug up that it was rediscovered. You will be amazed at the condition of the vehicle.

Tulsa’s Unique Legacy

The residents of Tulsa also wanted to ensure that their legacy would continue after them. To achieve this, they buried waterproof steel containers beneath the heavy and strong cement vault. They believed that future generations would be able to find these items, and learn about the life of that time.