The car that was buried for 50 years: How it looks now

History of Plymouth Belvedere

Louis Roberts explained that they chose the Plymouth Belvedere Sports Coupe as the historical object to be buried, because they wanted to honor Tulsa’s industrial ingenuity. The Plymouth V8 Coupe was fully loaded in a dazzling desert gold and sand dunes color. The white vinyl top made the car really stand out.

Plymouth in a Hole

The Plymouth was driven in a hole that had been dug outside of the Tulsa County Courthouse on May 28th 1957. It was then lowered onto a concrete platform capable of withstanding the nuclear explosion by a crane. The car was stuffed with items common at the time such as cigarettes, Schlitz beer cans, bottles of crude oil from Oklahoma, etc. The items were then placed in the Plymouth and covered with a carcover. A heavy-duty concrete vault was then placed on top.