This Cat Not Only Gave Birth to Kittens, But Also Became a Mother to Hedgehogs

Cats are amazing animals that can often surprise us. Musya was one of those cats who shocked their owner as well as a team of veterinarians. Musya was found nursing her kittens. She was the resident kitten at the Sadgorod Zoo, and she was loved by many. She was only a year-old, but she was something special. Musya became pregnant suddenly, and everyone was concerned about her health and happiness before giving birth.

The Search for Musya

Musya was always accompanied by someone as she waded around the zoo. When the workers at zoo learned that Musya was missing, they were very worried. There were many animals to be seen, including ducks. There were also tigers, bears and lions. Musya’s safety was in danger because of the large animals that were around. A hunt was therefore launched.