These 13 celebrities look completely different after losing weight

Anyone who has struggled with addiction or hit rock bottom will forget to take care of themselves. Timbaland, the music mogul was no exception. You wouldn’t think that he went through such a period, looking at his now ripped body! With strict workouts twice a day, he has lost 130 pounds. In a video for Men’s Health magazine, the music producer shows off his fridge full of healthy food and drinks, such as almond milk, fresh fruit, vegetables, and lean beef. This is a person who has stayed the course.

Anthony Anderson, star of ABC’s popular series “Black-ish”, never felt the urge to lose weight. It wasn’t until 13 years ago that he was diagnosed as having Type-2 diabetes. Anthony was forced to change his lifestyle after being diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes. Anderson began eating more healthily, followed a plant-based diet, and even “became vegan-ish”. By making drastic changes to his lifestyle and diet, he was able to lose 47 pounds! Don’t you agree that when there is will, there are ways? Anthony now looks great and feels much better!

Al Roker Gastric Bypass Surgery

Al Roker was a journalist who is known as the NBC ‘Weatherman.’ He had to lose weight when he realized that he had some health issues related to his large figure. Roker, who had tried and failed on many diets, decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery. He lost 100 pounds in the process! Roker, who is a successful author/actor and was able fund the $23,000 surgery with his success, paid for it himself. Roker has adopted a new healthy lifestyle, and he is looking dapper as ever.