There are 17 signs that you might have diabetes

The signs of diabetes can be subtle, but they are serious. From the symptoms that we like to discuss at the water-cooler – “Man am I tired!” – to the ones we don’t want others to know about – ahem erectile dysfunction, cough – the signs are not to be taken lightly.

Diabetes can be managed, but it will shorten your lifespan.

You may also be at risk for blindness, heart attacks, or even losing a leg. Look at our list of symptoms that indicate diabetes, and do the math. A trip to the doctors may be in order.

1. Fatigue

There are many things that can cause fatigue. The simplest one is not getting enough sleep. Fatigue is almost always a sign of diabetes, because the body is unable to properly use the fuel it has been given.

You may have diabetes if you feel extra tired even after eating when you normally would be more energetic.