The World’s Most Horrible Attention-Seeking Behavior, according to People from Around the World

Some people need constant attention. Some people are seeking a reaction, either out of hatred or love. Some people are just plain crazy, while others may have been hurt too many times. We all probably have stories of when we tried to entertain our loved ones by going a little too far.

Here are some of the most embarrassing and best anecdotes you can read about people who seek attention. See if you can relate to any of these stories.

45. The Best Man

At my wedding. A friend was hammered and took over the microphone when the speeches were being given by the best man/maid-of-honor. He called up his friends to give speeches, even though they had nothing prepared. He is responsible for about 30 minutes worth of uncomfortable, cringeworthy speeches on my wedding DVD.

He stole a bottle from the bartender later that night and hid it underneath a table just before he fell asleep.