The 20 best makeup tips and tricks to hide signs of ageing for women over 50

It may be harder for older women to find makeup tricks that make them look great. What does the 20-something Instagram influencer know about how to hide wrinkles? Ask professional makeup artists what they do to help older clients achieve the perfect look. Follow these easy makeup tips to look and feel younger.

1. Lip Liner

As we age, the lines around our lips and mouth become more visible. Lipstick will then settle into crevices that it shouldn’t. Use a lip liner as a simple solution to mark the boundary between your upper and lower lips. As we age, our lips and facial skin tend to blend together. Creating a “barrier”, or dividing the two, can give us fuller lips.

2. Keep Eyeshadow Light

A cat-like appearance can be eye-catching, but a more subtle approach will work better for older women. A lighter application of eyeshadow is more appropriate as we age. Choose a color that compliments your skin tone instead of using bright colors like light blue, pink or green.

3. Stop Using Matte Looks

The opposite extreme, a matted, dull texture, is not the answer. Instead of aiming for shimmer, go for sheen. You should aim to create a natural glow on your face, rather than a look that reflects light. Glitter is not your friend !