Rich people who are out of touch

Money cannot buy happiness, but you can certainly buy a lot of things. As we read these stories, we can be thankful that money cannot buy us kindness or common sense. They may park their cars and serve them food, but that won’t stop us laughing!

It’s Not Your Charity Case

I was a nanny in a family with a 1% income. What I saw is still haunting me. One parent complained that it was rude of a friend not to offer to fly their family to Miami in a private plane for a weekend trip, but they were “forced to” go first class. When the other parent told me that they thought it was “sweet”, I was glad to help others, and not be wealthy.

The parents would always surprise me with last-minute trips, so I would stay at the main house while their child was on a trip. The poor kid had no idea who would be where. YouTube had videos of their parents doing business, so I would play them on my iPad to give the child some consistency.

It’s important to note that the child was adorable and sweet. (This made it very difficult to leave; I felt terrible.) But it was disheartening thinking they would probably end up like their parents after a few short years. The parent who complained about the first-class plane was the best because they asked if I felt they were being overly sensitive.

You literally asked me, “Wouldn’t you be upset?” Do you find that rude? “They’ve been doing much better financially now that they have Company X’s money. They could have sent a chartered plane, etc.” I think, well, I’m pretty certain my entire salary for a year wouldn’t be enough to pay for ONE chartered flight.