Photographer shocked when lioness asks for help

George was working a regular day when…

George was busy taking action shots for a documentary on a normal day in the Savanna when he found himself unexpectedly face-to-face a lioness. She approached him gently from behind. This indicated that she wasn’t aggressive, but rather was seeking his assistance. George was intrigued by the lioness’s unusual behavior. He cautiously followed her and found a truly amazing sight.

Another Lion

George saw a lioness in the distance that looked quite different. The lioness was a bit off, as it had a large stomach. George, concerned for the animal’s well-being, immediately contacted a local veterinarian.

The veterinarian was confused by the lion’s condition when she arrived, because it was different from anything else she had seen before. She conducted an ultrasound to better understand the situation. She decided to call the police after the results were so alarming.