Find valuable discoveries in unexpected places

All of us have made unexpected discoveries. You may have found $20 in an old coat pocket that you never used, or stumbled across a family heirloom while cleaning your basement. The discoveries in this list are all unexpected, just like the ones you made. These discoveries range from the bizarre to the invaluable and everything in between.

These discoveries could be the subject of Netflix movies and documentaries. Some of these discoveries were the result solely of luck. Others came about through hard work and determination. This list will hopefully inspire you to be curious and keep your eyes wide open. Who knows? You might find something equally inspiring.

1. Underground Pyramid Found in Bolivia

Location: Tiahuanaco, BoliviaYear Discovered: 2015
Est. Unknown Value

The historical ruins of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia have been the subject of many discoveries. Both private companies and government have worked on these excavations for years. One of the most shocking discoveries at Tiahuanaco in 2015 was an underground Pyramid. It was discovered by archaeologists using ground-penetrating radio waves.

The monoliths were also discovered within the pyramid. The excavations of this underground pyramid continue. Tiahuanaco used to be the most important ancient city in South America. This massive historical site has yielded stone monuments and palace ruins as well as sculptures and other artifacts. The city covered 231,000 square kilometers. Tiahuanaco is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.