Enjoy a good laugh by looking at these funny restaurant signs

There are many options when you’re looking for a restaurant. This has led to restaurants stepping up their marketing efforts, including huge signs outside their doors. The clever wordplay or funny designs on these signs can make you laugh as well as enjoy a delicious meal.

Some signs can have the opposite effect, and turn away potential customers. We’re certain that some of these signs will tickle your funny bone. Try not to laugh too hard as you look through these funny signs.

Anyone for Ramen Bath?

This establishment sign is one that would make anyone do a double take. The sign for sushi on the bottom is fine, but it appears that the sign at the top shows a man bathing in ramen, or as we like to call him, “RawMan”.

Would you want to bathe in ramen? This is apparently something you can do in Japan. You heard it right. You can bathe in a tub that is filled with ramen noodle soup. Who would have thought this would be a Japanese innovation?