Luxury can be defined as extravagance and class. Luxury can be found in many places and activities. The best way to experience luxury is in a hotel. A hotel can transform your experience, whether you’re looking to fulfill a bucket-list vacation or want something special for an event or a group outing. Some hotels go to the next step, offering amenities such as butler service and private pools — along with the most beautiful décor on the planet. Check out the 13 most luxurious hotel in the world to find out how amazing they can be!

1. Burj Al Arab in Dubai

The hotel is considered so luxurious, it’s often referred to as the first seven-star resort in the world. Since its opening in 1999, it has become a hugely popular hotel. The hotel is located on an artificial island just off the coasts of Dubai. The hotel is an all-inclusive with duplexes up to 8,396 square foot. Each suite comes with a variety of Hermes toiletries, a pillow menu and a bath menu. The suite also includes a Rolls Royce airport shuttle, 24-carat gold wall decor and gold-plated tablets that are given to each guest upon arrival.